5 Bag Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Spring

These 5 Spring/Summer 2023 Handbag trends from the runway are definitely going to take streets by storm.

Currently, it’s cold, dark, and dreary—as if I need to remind you—but a spring awakening is on the horizon. Perhaps to distract ourselves from Dry January and the mid-winter blues, we’re looking ahead to next season’s styles, so spring trends are top of mind. Tastemakers are taking to the runways and streets, and we’re taking notes. We’ve got you covered on all the hottest trends for winter in the meantime, but it’s never too soon to prep for the coming spring thaw. Here, we’re breaking down the best handbag styles for spring (not to be confused with our favourite bag trends for 2023).

Here are the 5 bag trends that are worth all the hype.

Big Bags

We like big bags, and we cannot lie. Miniatures had their moment, but it’s not hard to say goodbye to doll-sized purses that hold nothing more than a MetroCard. From standard totes to Santa Claus-calibre sacks, runways from Luar, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra, and Tommy Hilfiger featured handbags that were large and in charge. You need room for all those odds and ends, whether you’re living a commuter lifestyle, using your purse as a diaper bag, or just like to have an extra pair of shoes on hand (you never know!). So, space you shall have this spring.

Courtesy of Michael Kors


We didn’t think we particularly missed wristlets, or that we would be excited to see them come back, but then covetable option after covetable option floated down the Coach runway, and we were convinced. Wristlets are something like the happy medium between clutches and shoulder bags. If you’re not into the bulk of a big bag but want to carry more than just your cardholder, this is the style for you.

Courtesy of Coach


As if baguettes are ever out of style…nonetheless, these oblong bags are as stylish as ever. Fendi even went so far as to literally inscribe several of their spring/summer 2023 bags with the word “Baguette.” Talk about leaning in. It’s easy to understand why the style is so popular, though. The versatile shape lends itself to holding just enough, while the strap can be used as a shoulder bag or a top handle. Iterations vary from collectible, high-end designs that double as investments to TikTok favourites and affordable Amazon bags, meaning there’s a baguette for everyone.

Courtesy of Fendi


What’s better than one trend? Two trends rolled into one. Enter Fendi’s sequin baguette. Everyone knows the early aughts are back in style, and with that comes all of the decade’s gaudiness that we’ll happily claim as a guilty pleasure. Sequin-clad handbags were featured prominently in some of the season’s hottest showings, including LaQuan Smith and Christian Siriano. This spring, expect to embrace maximalism in the form of glimmering, shimmering accessories.

Courtesy of Fendi


Sequin-adjacent, if you will. The metallic bags shown at LaQuan Smith and Fendi have the same joyful essence and fun appearance as sequins, but with slightly more upscale elegance. Deck yourself out in vibrant colours, an array of prints, and metallic statement accessories for a show-stopping look, or lean on the trend to punch up an otherwise minimalist look.

Courtesy of Fendi