The Boldest Beauty Trends For Fall 2023

These are the beauty trends that are going to be everywhere this season.

Courtesy of Altuzarra Fall-Winter 2023.

The fall 2023 makeup trends are all about pushing the boundaries when it comes to eye makeup. Expect to see bold, graphic eye looks that make a statement. Experimentation with eyeliner is in full swing, with a burst of colours, from neon to metallic. For an extra dose of glamour, the smoky eye is making a comeback and is being replaced by its softer, sultrier cousin, dubbed the “smudged eye,”. This creates a smoky, gradient effect that is both chic and effortless.

The trend for lip colour is also switching things up by opting for unconventional shades and lip finishes to make a statement. Soft mauves and ethereal pinks will take a backseat to more unconventional shades, like green, blue, and deep purple, that bring out the warrior princess in us all. Additionally, gloss, glitter, and shine on the lips will add an extra dimension of sophistication. And if all of that isn’t enough, the makeup industry is taking a renewed interest in skincare.

The beauty realm has shifted its focus from concealing blemishes to avoiding them altogether. The industry is now acknowledging the importance of a solid skincare routine as a prerequisite for gorgeous, glowing makeup. From graphic eyes to bold and unconventional lip shades to inspiration from skincare, we expect the fall 2023 makeup trends will inspire and challenge beauty fanatics everywhere.


Carolina Herrera’s runway this season embraced understated beauty, showcasing delicate cat-eye makeup looks. A similar minimalist approach graced Collina Strada and Simone Rocha’s AW 2023 show, where contoured eyes and cheeks were skillfully employed to enhance the dimension of every visage.

Courtesy of Carolina Herrera FW ’23.


A striking reinterpretation of ’80s glamour took centre stage at Laquan Smith’s AW 2023 show, where the runway showcased sharply defined graphic eyes. Drawing inspiration from the iconic TV series Dynasty, this modern take on a classic era evoked a sense of nostalgic sophistication.

The allure of defined graphic eyes continued to captivate Jason Wu’s presentation as well. Here, the models adorned smoky eyes that paid homage to the allure of cinema, summoning a sense of mystery and drama that added an enchanting layer to their looks.

Courtesy of Laquan Smith FW ’23.


A resounding declaration echoed through the fall 2023 runways: Skin in all its glowing glory remains an eternal fascination. The illustrious showcases of Markarian, Altuzarra, and Sandy Liang affirmed that a dewy, luminous complexion is an enduring quest in the realm of beauty. Models graced the runway with faces aglow, underscoring the timeless allure of radiant skin and leaving an indelible impression on beauty enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike.

Courtesy of Sandy Liang FW ’23.


The Fall 2023 collections witnessed a mesmerizing twist as fashion powerhouses like Prada, Anna Sui, and Victoria Beckham unveiled a bold and colourful trend that’s impossible to ignore. These houses boldly embraced the avant-garde by seamlessly integrating vibrantly hued faux lashes—painted in shades spanning from playful pinks and sunny yellows to pristine whites and daring blues.

Courtesy of Prada FW ’23.


At the striking showcases of Kim Shui, Thom Browne, and Luar, a captivating trend emerged as lips took centre stage, becoming a canvas for bold expressions. The artful fusion of intensely pigmented colour and dramatic dark liner made a resounding statement, captivating the eyes of fashion enthusiasts and setting a new standard for runway beauty.

Courtesy of Rodarte FW ’23.