Best Hair Trends Straight from the SS’24 Runway Shows

Keep reading to discover the best hair trends from the Spring/Summer 2024 runways.

Erdem Spring-Summer 2024.

The hairstyles showcased at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 embraced low-heat techniques and minimal effort yet exuded maximum style. From New York to London, Milan, and Paris, the runways unveiled a sneak peek into the upcoming season’s hottest hairstyle trends.

Prepare to be captivated. If you’ve been hoarding a collection of hair bows, headbands, or even holiday ribbons, rejoice! Elevated accessories took centre stage, stealing the spotlight with their artistic flair. From oversized bows that make a bold statement to dainty and petite bows for a touch of whimsy, these accessories reign supreme.

Not to be forgotten, ’90s-inspired comb headbands made a stunning resurgence, adding a touch of nostalgia to the runway looks.  Sleek strands also make a big comeback at LaQuan Smith, Richard Quinn, and Burberry fashion shows.

Get ready to turn heads, embrace your unique style, and make a style statement that will define the upcoming season. Spring/Summer 2024 is your time to shine.


At Tory Burch, The Blonds, Susan Fang, Sara Wong, and Erdem, hairstyle stole the spotlight with a dazzling twist. Sleek and sophisticated, the models’ locks were expertly slicked back and secured low along the nape. But what truly made heads turn was the addition of a show-stopping beaded accessory, adding a touch of glamour and extravagance to the overall look. With their visionary designs and impeccable attention to detail, these designers embraced the art of hair embellishment to create an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Tory Burch Spring-Summer 2024.


Drying your hair after a refreshing shower can feel like an uphill battle. Tangled locks, frizz, and the endless struggle with the blow dryer – we’ve all been there. But here’s a game-changing solution: why not try the wet-style trend inspired by the captivating runways of Jason Wu and Giorgio Armani? This trend embraces the natural texture of your wet hair, allowing it to air dry and showcase its raw beauty. Imagine yourself mesmerizing the world with your just-showered locks, effortlessly styled in a wet look that exudes a sense of sleek sophistication.

Jason Wu Spring-Summer 2024.


This game-changing hair trend stole the show at the LaQuan Smith, Richard Quinn, and Burberry Spring/Summer 2004 runway. Inspired by the breathtaking, iridescent hues of the jewel-toned collection, this hairstyle perfectly complemented the crisp tailoring and exuded a sense of sophistication and glamour. This trend is all about empowering women to embrace their individuality and make a bold statement with their hair. Whether you have long or short hair, Sleek Strands can be customized to suit your unique style and personality. It’s the perfect choice for any occasion, from glamorous red-carpet events to a night out on the town.

LaQuan Smith Spring-Summer 2024.


While the classic bob has dominated the hair scene in recent years, it’s time for the long bob, affectionately known as the “lob,” to shine on the runways. This year, this stylish and versatile haircut had its moment, captivating fashion enthusiasts everywhere. The beauty of the lob lies in its length, which hovers just below the jawline or extends to the shoulders. This in-between length offers endless possibilities, from sporting gorgeous curls and graceful waves to achieving a sleek and straight look. Whatever your preferred style, the lob embraces it all with effortless grace.

During their Spring/Summer 2024 runway shows, prominent fashion houses like Coach, PatBO, Anna Sui, and Ralph Lauren unveiled their models confidently, flaunting this sought-after trend. The lob graced the catwalks, proving its versatility and allure.

Coach Spring-Summer 2024.