Best Escape Anyone Can Have: Joali Resort, Maldives

Dive into the clear waters, gorgeous sand beaches and the incredible staying at Joali Resort.

Joali Resort

Having itself built as a brand, Joali resort in Muravandhoo Island of Raa Atoll in northern Maldives features 73 private beaches, water villas and residences. Expansive views of the blue-hued ocean surrounded by its natural vegetation are a treat to the eyes.

Built according to biophilic design principles, Joali Maldives Retreat evokes harmony and balance by eliminating negative vibrations and enhancing the energy flow of the landscape.

Despite its 73 accommodations, a mix of sprawling overwater bungalows and serene one-to-four-bedroom beach villas, it is hard not to feel like Joali Maldives is a more intimate resort. Let’s go through their wide range of spectacularly viewed rooms.

Beach Villa with pool.

Soak in beach, garden, and ocean views of the Maldives from their lavish one-bedroom beach villa. Featuring handpicked objet d’art, a private beach garden and an infinity pool.

Luxury beach villa with a pool.

This villa offers a perfect backdrop for a nature inspired rejuvenation. With a spacious living room and a separate bedroom, this stunning villa has a fully equipped library and an infinity pool.

Family beach villa with two pools

Ideal for small group and families, this fabulous villa offers twice the fun. Your infinity pool overlooks ocean vistas, while the backyard pool is set amid lush foliage.

While JOALI is known for its stunning, art-immersive villas and thrilling recreation facilities, the resort also boasts an array of culinary experiences that will wow your senses. The “Vandhoo” restaurant awaits you at JOALI Maldives.


This restaurant specialises in giving dining experiences which includes Southeast Asian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines. Expect unmatched breakfast spreads, themed dinners and art-immersive experimental dining, A lavish range of handpicked labels from across the world awaits life enthusiasts in Joali’s top-of-the-cellar.

A Mediterranean cuisine from Vandhoo restaurant.
The Kitchen.

This kitchen offers you personalised for you to learn and enjoy mew cuisines. Guests can cook local recipes in the luxurious surroundings of a professional restaurant kitchen, guided by the resort’s expert chefs. 

Outdoor sitting view of Saoke.

Gazing out at the most incredible ocean views, the lounge offers an ideal venue for private brunches and wedding celebrations. This floating haven of delectable food serves select sakes, sushi, and a choice of teppanyaki and kotatsu seating for iron-griddle enthusiasts.

Sitting view of Bellinis
Joali resort, Maldives

Those who seek this pearl from the Mediterranean shall find a fine dining experience that offers a piece of Italy right here in the Maldives. From a bar dedicated to making perfect peachy Bellinis and homemade limoncellos, to a menu carefully crafted by Michelin-star Chef Theodor Falser, all the jewels of Italy are here for your enjoyment.