Everything We Know About Miley Cyrus Album, “Endless Summer Vacation”

The pop star’s eighth LP isn’t a straightforward divorce album; instead, it focuses on budding romances and self-love.

Miley Cyrus

Pop singer superstar Miley Cyrus has just released her new eighth LP album, “Endless Summer Vacation” on Friday, the 10th. It is her first release on Columbia after her deal with RCA expired with the release of Plastic Hearts in 2020.

Hopes were high for her eighth studio album after leading single Flowers proved a smash hit in January, making it to number one in the UK. The strutting confidence of Flowers suggested the 30-year-old US star has been channelling turmoil in her personal life, such as her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, into the LP. “Flowers” not only became the most-streamed song in a single week on Spotify with over 83 million streams but hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for five consecutive weeks and counting!

“Thankful that ‘Flowers’ is Number 1 around the world. This song is dedicated to my fans & the steadfast self-love I with for each of you. Forever grateful, Miley,” The 30-year-old wrote on Instagram when the song debuted at No. 1 globally.

In the last decade, Miley Cyrus has become an undisputed star of the music industry. His overwhelming and charismatic personality has captivated thousands and thousands of new fans around the world. Especially, with her latest productions, she stopped being considered simply “a successful pop girl” to become that artist with a strong personality, determination, and a clear management of her power. Of course, being such a successful girl wasn’t so easy for her. There was a lot of anger and so much redoubling of bets against the criticism received that they ended up tempering her spirit and shaping “the voice” that she currently holds.

During her last studio work, the singer explored different musical styles: from the rock of “Plastic Hearts” (2020) to country music in “Younger Now” (2017), the daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus positioned herself at the top. of the music scene with songs that easily exceeded 500 million views on Spotify and other social networks.


Endless Summer Vacation Album

The album “Endless Summer Vacation” has been framed as her “love letter to Los Angeles”. The cover features her hanging from a trapeze bar, which has sparked comparisons to a similar photo of Madonna.

“When it comes to the sequencing in Endless Summer Vacation, I divided it into two parts; AM and PM … The AM is representing the morning time where there is a buzz and energy and potential for new possibilities – it’s a new day. In the night-time, it feels like a slinky seediness and kind of grime but a glamour at the same time.” Miley said in an Instagram post. “It is a time for rest and recovery. Or it is a time to go out and experience the wild side. In LA, there is a certain energy where you can feel trouble boil up to the surface and it is very exciting to me.”

Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and SIA.

The album also features plenty of collaborations with experienced and respected producer Greg Kurstin, the recently awarded with a Brit Award for songwriter, Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson, and WiLL Made-It. There are also two collaborations on Endless Summer Vacation with folk-rock singer Brandi Carlile and SIA. Both artists performed with Miley during her New Year’s Eve Special in 2021 and 2022.


Miley Cyrus.

On February 27, Miley Tweeted the official tracklist for Endless Summer Vacation. The album consists of 13 tracks, including:

  1. Flowers
  2. Jaded
  3. Rose Colored Lenses
  4. Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile)
  5. You
  6. Handstand
  7. River
  8. Violet Chemistry
  9. Muddy Feet (Feat. SIA)
  10. Wildcard
  11. Island
  12. Wonder Woman