Privacy & Extravaganza At Soneva Jani Private Residence

Here’s why Soneva Jani is Maldives’ most extravagant resort and gives you the most intimate experience.

Courtesy of Soneva Jani

The best part about competitions are its winners. They sure know something extra which helped them stand out from

the rest. Soneva Jani is one such example. And not just in any regular country, but in Maldives. Tourism being its main

source of income, the country witnesses fierce competition among its resorts who compete to provide ultra-luxurious

experiences to their clients. Soneva Jani has managed to beat the traditional capital rich brands and manages to

dominate the space with its rich pool of offerings.

The resort blends pure luxury and nature and provides stunning hospitality with the hotel design. With breathtaking 360-degree ocean views with unmatched vistas of either the sunrise or the sunset, the resort also presents innovative new dining concepts and the pampering Soneva Wellness Centre. 

To reduce negative environmental impact on the planet, the owners used sustainable materials such as Forest Stewardship Council-certified wools and state-of-the-art technology to craft the resort and be an environmentally friendly building.

Soneva Jani
Soneva Jani
Soneva Jani

The Soneva Jani is a five-star resort with excellent facilities, including a beach restaurant, clubhouse, spa, cinema, water sports and dive school. It also comprises 57 villas. These include 24 overwater villas with one and two bedrooms which can only be reached by boat. There are a further 20 one-bedroom Crusoe homes on land plus a choice of 13 three-bedroom villas on the beach. Each villa also aims to maximize privacy and allows guests to bask in total seclusion, where all reserves offer There is a Mobility Friendly 2 Bedroom Water Reserve wheelchair accessible, and it has a special bathroom for inclusivity.

Soneva Jani

One bedroom up to four-bedroom is provided in the new water reserves for families and group getaways. Ideal for families, all the rooms can be closed off, with a children’s sleeping area located just behind the master bedrooms. There are also contemporary indoor and outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly, with private pools, retractable roofs and sweeping terraces among the standout features. Some overwater villas also feature famed slides which direct into private lagoons.

Soneva Jani

Casual overwater restaurants, such as the So Wild by Diana von Cranach, can also be found at Soneva Jani. It is there where impressive plant-based, vegetarian and pescatarian dishes are offered to residents. It is one of the fully plant-based restaurants in the Organic Garden. It offers residents a healthy menu that draws inspiration from Ayurveda and highlights ingredients grown at the resort. Chefs have incredible cooking techniques based on roasting, salt-crust baking, grilling, and more, with a menu that features fresh seafood, meats, and plant-based dishes. Ingredients are prepared using techniques like streaming, flash-frying, and dehydrating when they are not presented raw.

Soneva Jani

The So Primitive is another new culinary destination set around the central fire pit. Fire is the central element of this dining experience. Roasting, grilling, searing, salt-crusted baking, and cooking in kettles and clay pots over coals become some cooking techniques implemented for fresh seafood, meats, and plant-based dishes.

Located on South Beach, the 1,742 Wellness Centre is also as important as the resort, offering a sanctuary of holistic wellness to guests, combining ancient Ayurvedic techniques with cutting-edge therapies. Guests can relax and enjoy the therapies offered at one of two indoor therapy rooms or three open-air treatment pavilions with unmatched views of the spectacular natural surroundings.

With a new all-inclusive package, Soneva Jani becomes one of the most recurrent places visitors choose to book a stay in and relax. Its latest “Soneva Unlimited” offers residents unlimited access to the very best of the barefoot luxury resort, dining at all bars, restaurants and in-villa dining, as well as spa treatments, diving, transfers, and daily replenishment of the in-villa minibar.